ANGELBIRD is a short film that explores the roots and transformation of a woman dealing with the loss of her mother.  The film moves, dream-like, across the physical and emotional landscapes of her life, from the shores of Lake Michigan to the streets of Los Angeles. Using street performance as a vehicle for transformation, she breaks from the cage of grief to become the embodiment of freedom.

ANGELBIRD is based on the true story of Elizabeth Yochim, a multi-media performance artist, art historian, dancer, and filmmaker. She creates solo and group performance works internationally in the environment—be it the city or the natural world. She has shared performances of the Angelbird with audiences all over the world including nine countries and over 50 cities in the United States, Canada, and Europe.


ESSENCE is a filmed performance art piece of movement, song and poetry exploring the intersection of Stefano Panichi’s art and the architecture of the Fine Arts Building in downtown Los Angeles. The historic building, in its rapturous beauty, provides a unique, architectural environment for artists, creatives, and the people of Los Angeles. Essence explores the building from the inside out where the viewer of the film enters the building through a visual, sonic and poetic experience, feeling the rich tapestry of place that this iconic and historic building presents 100 years later.

Featuring the following artists: Jahna Perricone, Soprano; Kate McCallum, Soprano; Don Norman, Poet; and Elizabeth Yochim, Dancer. The live performance piece was directed and produced by Elizabeth Yochim. The film was directed and edited by Todd Felderstein. 

Essence was presented through a collaboration with Lisa Ames of Art Meets Architecture and Curator Anna Dusi.


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