Woman to Woman, Regard de Femmes

Michele Mattei and Elizabeth Yochim

A Ten-Year Photographic Journey

Art Book & Exhibition

Woman to Woman, Regard de Femmes is a ten-year photographic journey of Michele Mattei and Elizabeth Yochim. Michele is a fine art photographer, whose photographs are in the collection of the Smithsonian Portrait Gallery and in the archives of the Museum of Modern Art. A solo exhibition of her work was mounted at the National Museum of Women in the Arts on women of influence, entitled Fabulous! Elizabeth is a dancer, public performance artist and art appraiser. 

The photographic project records a fluid exchange between two women—the seer and the seen—with images expressing the passage of time and the role of the female gaze.

The project provides an occasion to reflect on the role of artist collaborations amongst women, the role of women in society and the complexities of navigating the art world.

It is about self-actualization and the pursuit of one’s dreams. It speaks about inter-generational friendship and about creating a positive change in the world.  

The photographs are accompanied by essays written by Michele and Elizabeth reflecting on their own journey. Michele explores in her essay the intimate relationship of women looking at women and examines the integration of her career as journalist, photo-journalist and fine art photographer. Elizabeth records the birth of the Angelbird, a character that she imagined into being, and her subsequent change of career and emergence as an artist.  

We are ten years older than when we started. Our bodies are changing. Our faces are changing. Time is ticking. Looking back is informing how we look forward.

Woman to Woman, Regard de Femmes is relevant and timely as it offers a roadmap and inspiration around the theme of setting oneself free. It documents the experience of women supporting women that dare to self-actualize and reach for their highest potential as human beings and artists. 


Michele and Elizabeth are seeking publication as an art and/or artist’s book and exhibition. They are looking at the publication of our book as a way to share our journey through photographs and accompanying text exploring the meandering of our creative flow and the intimacy of our relationship.

An artist’s book is the most suitable artistic way to share their journey through photographs and explore the meandering of their creative flow and the intimacy of their relationship over the past ten years.

In the art world, artist’s books have become increasingly popular amongst art critics, collectors and connoisseurs.

Their artist’s book will be a way to enter their photographic journey as an “exhibition space of the mind,” and it will serve as a blueprint for an exhibition. 

Anna Dusi, independent curator and art advisor, is providing curatorial guidance. 

There is a forthcoming interview by the former Director of Talent and Content and Exhibitions for the Annenberg Space for Photography, Patricia Lanza. 

The publication will be a way to enter their journey as an “exhibition space of the mind,” and it will serve as a blueprint for an exhibition. 

As Michele and Elizabeth work on publication and exhibition opportunities, they would love to share the spirit of Woman to Woman, Regard de Femmes through speaking engagements, workshops with women and girls, and discussions on the related themes of empowering women through creativity, artist collaborations, the complexities of navigating the art world, and the role of the female gaze.

They are looking for financial partners and sponsorship from individuals and organizations who find our project relevant, unique and inspirational.

They are looking for opportunities to increase public and peer awareness. They invite art and photography writers to join our developing community to advocate for our project. 


Woman to Woman, Regard de Femmes is more than a work of art, a book or an e­­­xhibition.  The essence of this project is a profound catalyst and inspiration for women of the 21st Century to claim their authentic selves, to strive for self-love, and for unbridled expression of their creativity and nature.  As an artist and a woman in my mid-60s with a daughter who is also a struggling artist in her early-30s, I cannot wait to share this with her as we both move into greater self-expression and deeper confidence in our own natures.  Elizabeth and Michelle have created an experiential work of profound meaning that emerged from the deepest of places—their Souls...

—Kate McCallum, Multi-Media Producer/Writer/Founder of the c3: Center for Conscious Creativity

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Women to Women, Regard de Femmes is a profound statement on women’s perception and sensibility. The idea of Elizabeth & Michele’s book merges two beautiful, intense and joyful stories of two women artists collaborating and developing together on a journey. This is an opportunity for all women to relate to their story while exploring and creating their very own story. What a beautiful gift to feel their intimacy resonate within ourselves and to remember and restore the bonds between women so often lost in the record of women’s history.”   

The artist’s book is an important and necessary expression of their journey. This process will express on a larger scale the emotions and hard work of these two unique creatures. Viva la donna! Vive les femmes!

—Anna Dusi, Independent Curator and Art Advisor